Jan 7, 2010

"Girl" being molested.. Part 1

This news is pretty HOT since yesterday. A "girl" being openly molested but no one helped her.




Do you know why that "girl" was being touched by so many people? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WANTED TO FIND OUT HOW A FAKE BREASTS FEEL LIKE!! Sounds weird? Let me tell you what happened.

"Unfortunately", me and my friend were there BEFORE it happened. We were dancing near the stage, when a bastard threw a still lighted cigarette on the sand, and I step on it, burning my feet a patch. Hopping around, my friend accompanied me to the bar and asked for some ice. Leaning on a table near the bar and rubbing ice on my feet, I started looking around. Surprisingly, I prefer to look at pretty girls more than guys (believe it anot is up to you). I saw these two "girls" near the table I was leaning on, looking quite sweet and pretty, and the way they walk and twist their hips and swing their hair, OMG~ They practically look like models. I asked my friend to look too, and just when my friend turn to look at them, I then realised what they were wearing were not bikinis, but BRA SET!! SERIOUS!! Those kinds that almost look like lingerie, sexy and seducing type, weewit~~!! Staring and staring, they start walking towards our table and sat behind us, we swear there was something weird about them (apart form their dressing). We continued to STARE at them because they look very attractive, and attracting tons of stares and men like a magnet, men were walking up asking for their names and where they came from, when they start replying, WE GOT A FUCKING SHOCK!!!!!!! They were MEN'S voice!!!! WE SWEAR!! Our eyes opened so fucking HUGE!! That was the time we realised what was the "weird" thing about them. THEY HAVE APPLES ON THEIR THROAT!!~~~ Alamak *fainted* And we guessed that was why they were attracting even more men than those pretty beautiful decent ladies, BECAUSE THE MEN WERE TRYING TO FIND OUT HOW A FAKE BREASTS FEEL LIKE!! (Tell you a personal secret. At that point of time I asked my friend if I could "accidentally" bump into them and squeeze their breasts for a FULL minute, I was almost strangled). All the men came up, especially "black" men which I thought mostly are not Singaporeans (because Singaporean do not have the GUTS to do these kind of things), not only they asked for their names and where they came from (we heard them, they said they were from Thailand, no wonder), they also surround the 2 "girls" and start touching and hugging them. But they way they react, I'm not surprised nobody came up to "help" them. Smiles, hips swinging, sweet talkings, hands flying, huggings, kissings, who will "help"? Slowly, we realised they prefer ANG MOs because they way they hug and touch ang mos, I swear they wished they were in a hotel room NAKED. Whispering into their ears (do you like my boobs, where are you going later), hugging and kissing on the neck, phew, me and my friend shivered!! Suddenly the "girl" in pink bra set pulled the hand of the ang mo and start walking towards the stage, "her" friend following behind, with one whole BIG group of men following them behind (including me and my friend, because we wanted to watch "show"). They went straight to the platform near the stage and start dancing as if trying to seduce everyone, and a few "black" guys start squeezing up and dance with "her". The rest I no need say already. Watch the video.

I guess nobody went up to help, it's because EVERYONE can see the disgusting smile on "her" face, plus Singaporeans just love to stand on the side, watch, take video, next day post on stomp, and talk SHIT, instead of simply just go up to help (sometimes I wondered, if the person going through this kind of thing is their DAUGHTER, will they continue to video it instead of going up to help). ANYWAY, after the girl jumped down from the platform, me and my friend saw "her" holding the ang mo by his waist, and walked off very quickly. We lost them after that. Then me and my friend joked saying they must be going to look for a hotel. Ahaha. Seriously, me and my friend agreed the "girls" deserved what happened to them. They wore bra set to the beach, have "dirty" behavior, when weird men walk up to them, the way they talk and behave practically like prostitutes, so could we blame the men doing these kind of things to them? If they were proper girls who did not have improper behavior, do you think this will happen in the first place?

Check out these pictures:

(Courtesy of hardwarezone.com)

So what do YOU think?

Check out also a report on the RazerTV:


As usual, an unrelated-related funny video for you to enjoy~


  1. At first I don't agree with people saying the girls, or should i say the she-males, deserved it, but after hearing the "full" story from your side, I now think they deserved it, they probably even enjoyed it, maybe the Indians are doing it too obvious, so the she-males ran away to avoid getting too much attention.

  2. Looking at the pictures of them smiling even after getting touched, and still up there continue to dance and pose, why are people saying they were molested? They were enjoying it!! If they were really uncomfortable being touched, they would have walked off immediately! If not how would so many pictures surfaced?

  3. if i nv read ur post, i may feel pity for the gal.. But aft reading ur post, den i understand the 'FULL' story of the latest news, 'SILOSO BEACH MOLEST'. i mayb can say the 'gal' deserve it bcuz she wear it so seductively n even dance so crazy with those guys. i dun agree tat it is wrong to go to such party n celebrate but muz have ur own limit. but those 'gals' are totally OUT OF LIMIT... besides tat, the gal still touches herself. what will this action make u think of her? seduce guys to molest her? and somemore on stage... haha.. hmmm... wat can we say here is she deserve it tat way.

  4. omg.. itz simply disgusting!

    the "girl" was grinning.. simply enjoying "her" breast being held by those guys in public and no action of stopping them.. u call this molesting?

    i even noticed therez a pic when the guy was putting his hands on "her" breasts, "her" right hand was in "her" own panty.. touching "her" private part. Gross & shameless act.

    no wonder so many onlookers busily snapping pics with their mobile phones.. obviously they dun tink "she" was being molested.

  5. Before I read your post, I thought the girl was actually molested, but now that I've read it, it seems like she was just asking for it. I hope more people read this and that Indians stop getting a bad name, especially our non-molesting local Indians. - Audrey

  6. What to say about that?.... Kitty you’re ridiculously dumb. I really hope that eventually people like you will just disappear from the earth via natural selection.

  7. Is everyone really buying into this bloggers crap?? This is crazy, the world cannot be so naive surely.

  8. Why can't some minority people accept the truth that the girl really asked for it? All the pictures, isn't they enough to prove their actions? This blogger is just relating what happened, why some people need to curse her? If you think this blogger should "disappear", then why are you in her blog commenting, where people call their blog their world, why are you in HER world then?

  9. This is not her world, it's a blog, it's open to the public and inviting comments; thus comments will come, isn't that obvious? Regardless of whether the girl was indeed a guy or a girl, or whether she / he (and I'm not saying I agree with this bloggers 'opinion' that it is in fact a guy) was 'asking' for it - whatever that really means; she/he is still a human being in distress, that’s quite obvious, now however it started out is irrelevant, someone was in distress and not one person stood up for them, that sickens me, never before in my life and travels have I seen such disregard for another human being from such a large group of people, and I’ve visited and lived in a lot of countries. Typical selfish, self-centered Singaporeans.

  10. Er.. I have read all the comments at stomp and over here, and I just want to laugh.. Everyone are just assuming that the girl was in distress. Did anyone at all noticed that the "vitim" herself wrote this in stomp?

    "Hello People, do not be too concern lah, I was molested and even insulted that night. That woman looks like me, I was so drunk that I cannot remember. After the whole incident, I kinda forget what has happened"

    From the pictures and videos, it was proved that she enjoyed herself that night, and the next day she woke up and didn't even remember anything bad about this incident. She was even surprised that this thing was blown up so big, till she just went to stomp and ask everyone not to be too concerned about it, so why is our people keep insisting that this girl was in distress, and need help, when police also never receive any report, the girl herself wasn't bother, why are we so uptight about this incident? We are practically putting words in her mouth and trying to decide things for her. haha.......

  11. Just because someone is drunk, it doesnt give anyone a free pass to molest them, are you saying that its ok to molest somone if they're drunk and don't know what they're doing? I'd say that was even worse, it's taking advantage of a situation. Lets face it, it may have started out as some drunken fun, but it certainly ended differently with her being quite "distressed", anyone can see that from the pictures.

  12. She's probably too embarrased to take it any further (i would be) because of the way she was acting being so drunk. We have all done stupid things after drinking too much, it's just that unfortunately this one backfired big time. but lets not forget that it WAS molestation and that NO ONE helped.

  13. "She's" just a disgusting freak! Gross max!Thanks for letting us know the insights to it..perhaps those who had a negtive view to what you post here are those he-shes who happen to stalk your blog....you nv know...

  14. how is she showing any signs of distress? the pictures clearly shows that she's smiling and enjoying being touched by these men.

  15. ya lo! why are all the people keep insisting that the "girl" was in distress? more pictures showing she's enjoying herself more than in distress! haha

  16. Have you guys ever watched the movie "The Accused" or heard of Cheryl Araujo?

    Wiki that, and perhaps you will find the story familiar. Girl goes bar. Girl flirts with a guy in bar (as painted by the defendant lawyers). Girl get raped. Friends of guy take turn raping her. Crowd in Bar cheered the rape.

    I only could think the crowd during then are like most of the posters here. "She deserves it."

    I seriously hope you guys would have the guts to say that to any of your female friends/relatives/spouses/daughters whom may be caught in such situations in future instead of just shooting your mouths off.

  17. Although i think that the 'girl' deserve it , i still hate those bangalas for doing such a thing to that 'girl' . I seriously think that they deserve punishment . Shameless dogs , see their smirking faces i really want to puke .

  18. ahhh...i shall take back my outraged (on the girls modesty) comments @ stomps.


  19. Trannies or not, they seem to be having a good time around those guys. Just let it be, people.

    I notice a hand reaching out from the crowd to pull at one of their panties... The lingerie-clad shemale/girl seems alright with it.

    If that is because they were tipsy, then they have not thought through the importance of taking precautions. Always when clubbing, women should go in groups and have at least one member sober to keep any drunk friends from doing anything stupid. This is common sense. If they didn't do that and did not want this to happen, then it is really their fault too.

    You can't say that we shouldn't have to take precautions. In that case, we can just go out with all our jewellery on and never lock our doors. The real world will always have predators out to get you in one way or another. It is really up to you how safe you want to be, and how safe our govt can keep us.

    And you gotta understand the guys seem to be from out of town, due mostly to our government inviting foreign talents over. These guys are from a different culture, and probably have not been educated about ours here. Seeing women like that occurs to them as easy pussy and a great treat that they rarely/never get back home, and they took the opportunity - however immoral it was. They should be educated on how this is not behaviour is not right and see women in a different light in our culture. However, the women/shemales did not fight back when violated and went with the flow, so they probably went on with it.

    So what the hell, people... it's not that big a deal. The govt should just educate whoever they bring in from other countries. Or just stop importing so many of them. End of.

  20. Readers who think i'm dumb and crap, and that i should disappear, then why are you here in the first place? why are you on a crap blog leaving crap comments on a crap blog? answer? because you are as crap as me!! haha!

  21. last but not least, i agree on the views on no matter the person is man, woman, ah gua, ah lian, ah hui, whatever species the person is, no body deserved to be molested!! but remember oh, molested = being touched unwillingly. if they are enjoying it, it is not called molest!!

  22. (She) Deserved to be Molested
    But I still dun agree to Being Molested in public.
    What happen if tat guy hu got molested was u ==

  23. haha, that wont happen, coz i'm a girl, not a guy~ *neh*

  24. rydan.zhaoyun@gmail.comFebruary 22, 2010

    Hey kitty if i didnt visited your blog, i may still penalized the bangalas for such atrocites and the public for encouraging it.

    Now that the truth is out, i sympathise with the bangalas instead.. They must be feeling empty inside(why cos no one,female,obviously is willing to be their mate.) And hence turn to trans..

    And maybe if the gender, trans became official in our ics, will the populace begin to defend their rights,(at least some of them) as for now.. well its obvious...

  25. i feel pity for this girl .. nobody deserve to be molested ..

    i hate those bangladesh for doing such a shamless act

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