Mar 9, 2010

Jack Neo's Affair

Hello my dear dear readers!! So sorry to "disappear" for a month, was soooooo busy till I could hardly have a night of proper rest!! And also there wasn't any interesting news to catch my attention, thus so "quiet" lately (or is it I was too busy to notice?) =P

Anyway, I couldn't not notice our dear Singapore movie director "icon", Mr Jack Neo's latest news, and thus decided to "return" to my blog and voice out my thoughts.

Firstly. Recently there are more and more "celebrities" getting exposed on their private life that even their wives are not supposed to know of. Too bad for Jack Neo for being on the list. But does that means that not on the list means the others are "clean"? "Not being caught = No affair?"

Everyone knows the "natural weakness" of men, is women. Slim, boobs, butt, figure, hair, eye lashes, makeup, you get what I mean. A wink, a smile, drop dead. If it works out well, the woman/lady becomes the man's love/wife. If it does not, it becomes mistress/affair/fling/one-night-stand. So is this "weakness" a good thing or a bad thing? Different people will have different views. I can only say, different situation, same view work different ways.

Many people had looked up on him on setting a "good" example. With this issue exposed, I'm very sure tons of people will be shocked and start to doubt themselves if they have been believing the right people in their life, and causing them to start doubting and suspecting their partners, and problems will start to build up out of nothing at all.

Jack Neo said something like this: "honeymoon period is over, passion will also die down". If he have no more passion in his wife, he will feel pointless in his life, and nothing keeps him in up spirit at all, and he would not have much "energy" to do things, how would all those interesting movies be made? So I was thinking, perhaps the "good" thing out of these affairs, is that they had kept him happy in his life, and had "pushed" him forward in working in better spirit rather than a zombie. Being the "head" of the whole thing, and with so many workers and staffs under him, being in good spirit is indeed very very important. I'm sure he also brought home some of the good spirit, and treated his family pretty well in a good spirit mood.

However, also think in another point of view. If a man have the mentality of "it's-ok-not-to-be-responsible", if he applies it on his private life, don't you think that he would apply it on his work too? What make you think that this is not related?

Standing in the young girls' shoes, I think it is extremely selfish of him to hold on to their youth and time when he could not be responsible of their future and private life. However, it takes two hands to clap. If the girls had not enjoyed themselves too, Jack Neo would not have be able to have the chance for all these to happen.

Even though this thing have been exposed, we should not discredit all the great things he have done in the past many years. I'm absolutely sure that he have helped many people in many ways too, which we will never know of. He is as human as you and me. Give him the allowance of being able to make mistakes just like any other humans would do too. He is not god nor any superheroes.

But after saying all these does not means that I agree that what he did is correct. Standing in a lady's point of view, standing in a wife's point of view, I myself feel it is totally not right at all to be treated like this, especially after spending years of unreturnable youth, sacrifies, efforts, time and everything, and get this in return. But of cause, we can't "assume" all these for the madam of Jack Neo. Maybe she is already satisfied with all the love he had showered on her? Maybe she is already over the stage of "her man can only f*** her only"? Maybe she is already happy to receive all that she received, and is willing to give him his freedom? Maybe she love him and their family so much she is able to overlook all these? All these we would never know, because we are not their stomach worm. So we could only sit back, leave them alone, watch how they want the whole thing to be settled, and learn from it.

Below is the video of a press conference on 11 March.

Attached a video from CNN.

A funny version of the CNN clip.

Following is a link to an older blog of the lady who "started" this whole thing, Wendy.

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Feb 2, 2010

"Copycat" Found!!

Wa Say!! Should I take it offensively that someone is trying to "copy" my idea, or take it as a compliment that my idea is so good that's why people out there want to follow? I'd be the positive person and take it as a compliment then =P

Readers, check out my fellow reader's blog:

Anyway, thanks for all your supports, will try to put aside more time to update as often as possible, sorry to disappoint those who are!! =P

Have a good day ahead ^_^

Feb 1, 2010

Guy refuses to give up seat....

Something "common" you might read about once in a while in STOMP.

"Guy refuses to give up seat even after I yell at him"

First thing that came into my mind. Wa. After being "YELL", still refused to give up seat leh. Power. Must have more things behind this incident.

Then I think deeper. I ask myself. If I was the one got yell at, will I still give up my seat? Answer: Yes of course, but not without yelling LOUDLY back at him: "Give up give up la! Need to shout so loud anot. You think I deaf ah? Or is it you deaf you cannot hear yourself talk. Do you need a microphone?"

Haha. Just joking. I'm a soft-spoken girl. I won't have the guts to fight back even though I've been bullied in public. But that idea sounds great though, isn't it? Hehe.

So. I'm not here telling you the guy shouting is wrong, or the guy insisted on sticking his butt on the seat is wrong. Something DIFFERENT came into my mind, as usual:

1) The standing man shouted at the sitting man to give up the seat for the elderly, does the elderly NEED the seat int he first place or not?

2) Lets if we "assume" the elderly need the seat, but won't it be better if you ask the elderly if the seat s needed? Maybe the elderly have been "decaying" at home for quite sometime, and now he/she is out for some "exercise", how do you know? Or maybe the elderly is getting down after a few stops and he/she feels that there is no need for shifting around, and in the meantime do some exercise so that their bones is more used?

3) IF, the elderly really need the seat, can't the elderly open his/her mouth to ask for his/her own? Why do you have to take a look on the white hair on his/her head and decide for him/her that he/she "need" the seat? Do you go around and decide for the public who need the toilet and who don't?

4) We shouldn't "pamper" others too much. If you need something, can't you open your own mouth and ask for it politely, instead of standing there and have that "pathetic" look and hOpE someone will see you and give up their seat, and if they "pretend" not to see, you stand there make "monkey" faces and feel upset about it? Won't opening your mouth to talk much easier and FASTER?? If I am pregnant, I board up the bus or MRT, if I feel I need a seat, I just go to the nearest seat, make sure the person does not have a tummy bigger than mine, and ask nicely: "May I have the seat?" If the seat is given to me, I will smile sweetly and happily and thank the person from deep inside my heart, and most importantly, APPRECIATE it instead of treating it as I own the place, or I by right should have the seat.

5) How do you know the person you are shouting at, need the seat MORE than the elderly? Maybe the person is sick? Fainting soon? Stomach cramp? Vomiting? You want to be responsible to clean the sick person up?

Some monkeys can't see my point of view, will "insist" that I don't know what is going on to write a composition about a topic. THINK. Don't you feel that my blog is on the GENERAL side of the topic? What is the MAIN thing I have been trying to put across on EVERY post on my blog? FIND OUT THE FULL WHOLE STORY BEFORE YOU COME OUT WITH A JUDGEMENT! And that doesn't mean that passing judgements is a right thing in the first place. You shouldn't judge right from the beginning!! If any of the monkeys bother to use the brain more, he/she will be able to see that, what I am trying to bring out in all my posts, is that sometimes things are totally different from what most of the normal people assume. There are things happening "behind" which people chose not to find out, or just chose to believe in "facts" he/she chooses to believe in.

Going back to the "main" topic. Yelling at the guy, hello, is that the ONLY seat on the bus? Only YELLOW seats elderlys can sit, others not seats ah?? Sigh.

Referring back to the comments left at STOMP, some of them I agree, some are just made me roll on the floor and laugh.

steed9210 said: "Why you make your wife pregnant. Next time buy a car first and then only make your wife pregnant"

*Fainted* So only the rich can make love, and the poor cannot? And does that also means that only the rich can fall in love and get married, and the poor cant? So is the cOmMeNtOr from a f***ing rich family? Readers! Attention! Find out who he is and go rob his house!! Hahaha~ *roll on the floor*

Supergrover said something I agree: "Yes, no matter who is right or wrong, Singaporeans have to learn to be firm but not rude. Don't jump to conclusions and no one has a right to order or shout at another. Don't talk about extreme cases lah. Should attempt to inform those seated that there is someone else who needs the seat more than them. If any bugger don't talk to me nicely but screams when wants my attention, I'll be damn TL also loh."



As usual, a video for you to enjoy. A funny SBS bus advertisement. The unhappy people should do this in bus more often, perhaps Singaporeans will be much happier =P

Can't get enough? Go to to watch more of real "lame" videos on our Singapore buses and mrts. Good night!! ^_^

Jan 12, 2010

Fierce Restaurant Manager

Seriously I'm not a "china workers" fan. Deep inside, I personally feel that most of them are rude, loud and irritating, even when they are alone at the bus stop, they insisting on shouting into their handphone as if the other party cannot hear them (and they want the whole street to hear their "i love you you love me" conversation). However, I still give credit to them for willing to accept less than half of what our usual salary is, and provide more than what we as a Singaporean can provide. If not, those tiring or dirty jobs like in factories or cleaning industry, you think Singaporeans will do it without barking like a dog? Singaporeans will f*** the manager upside down instead of the other way round!!

Ok, back to the topic. When you walk into a restaurant, expect the service and attention to drop when the restaurant is packed. You have to give allowance of tolerance for the service providers. They are as human as anyone of us here on earth. They also will get upset, tired, impatient and insulted, just like you and me. So why should we expect them not to fight back when customers get too overboard, or were rude to them, or ask them do some "impossible stunts", and expect them to be calm and still provide best service as if you are the Emperor?

You think by challenging her, you are doing it right? If you challenge a dog, you think it does not have the right to bite you? If you want to challenge other people, expect people to bark at you BACK! Don't want to get barked? THEN DON'T CHALLENGE THEM! They are living creatures just like you!

People complain about service provider, but can you do better? If you can do better, then set up a company and provide service, and see what you will get! You think working on the service line is easy? Especially when almost all SINGAPOREAN customers are rude, and expect more than what can be provided? Not to mention to be insulted and challenged and expect them not to fight back?

We shouldn't "attack" people by "deciding" which they come from. Although I don't like china people myself, I do have experienced good services provided by them sometimes. So usually I only judge them individually, instead of "oh they are from china, all china people give bad service". Bad service provider comes from all over the world. So we should not just be biased towards them only. You think we as Singaporeans does not have our "Singapore style"? Try going to Malaysia and ask the people what they think of Singaporeans. They will give you one whole list the way you could give the China people one whole list of "bad".

Yes I agree that service providers "MUST" be patient and provide good service no matter how the customer treat them and etc etc etc blah blah blah. One simple thing. Can you do it when you face this kind of customers like yourself? Turn the table around. Imagine you are the service provider, the customer is someone like you, and react badly like you did. Do you think you can still serve the customer as calmly as you expect people to? Maybe one time two time you can do it. How about facing it often, during your 8hours of work on 6working days every week? They see rude unreasonable customers more than they see polite and reasonable ones! I've been in the service line before, and I know it the best. Out of 30 customers, only 1 or the most 2 of them are polite. Serious. Don't believe? Try doing it on your own. Then you will pity them. Then you will salute to those who can work very happily on the service line.

I do agree that customer can do whatever they want for the things they paid for. They can throw the food away, "da-bao" away, smash it, squash it, whatever and however they like, but do you think this is call respecting? You "demand" for the food, expect good service, when the food arrived, you leave it there, is this right? It's like I walk into a crowded fashion shop, demand for a piece of clothing, complain about the service and their speed, only to walk out when the clothing is found after "insulting" it by saying it looks ugly on me and throw it onto the floor and step on it? So if you don't show respect to other people, don't expect other people to show respect to you back. Respect is not open your mouth and demand for it. Respect is being earned back.

I agree sometimes when you are nice to the service providers, they still don't provide the basic service you as a customer deserved. But just remember. They work 6days a week, 8hours everyday, most of them have to stand on their feet in hard painful shoes, facing countless of unreasonable rude customers all day, can't be give them some allowance and sympathy?

Last but not least, do you think by surrounding her with your group of friends, rude to her, point a camera at her, challenge her, and she have only herself to depend on to fight for herself, you think it's not too much? And still expect her to stay calm and polite? PLEASE~

Watch the video below. Look at how unreasonable some customers are. Still have the cheeks to beat people up.

Below 2 well-known videos of how the guy "disturb" the service providers, enjoy~!! ^_^

Jan 10, 2010

"Girl" being molested.. Part 4

Latest News~!!!

A reader emailed me and told me that "She Deserve to be Molested at Siloso Beach because she asked for it" Facebook account is MISSING now!!

WTF~!! It's not FAIR!! Is this group shut down because of violating Facebook's terms and conditions? But how could it be? BECAUSE THE OTHER ONE IS STILL UP!! I hope the creator will explain to us soon as to what happened, why the group is now missing, maybe the "victim" went knocking on the creator's door and threatened him/her by pointing "her" unwanted "gun" on his/her head? Ahaha~ Just kidding~

Anyway, thanks to all the supporters of my blog. There's another story that caught my attention lately that I would like to talk about tomorrow. Come back tomorrow for something new!

Good Night~!! ^_^